Hi, I’m Linus.

I’m a writer and software engineer working on and thinking about opportunities in education, technology, and community.

I’ve written over 400k words about creative work, community, startups, and life on this blog, and about software and computing on my technical blog dotink.co. I’ve made 120+ side projects ranging from programming languages and compilers to 3D renderers, original studio albums, interactive learning environments, UI libraries, art projects, and a suite of personal productivity tools that power my life.

I believe that good taste, exercised judiciously, with good people, make the difference. I’ve been a part of Dorm Room Fund, Cal Hacks, and the Anvil building student founder communities, and early-stage teams at Repl.it and Hack Club rethinking how young people are building our future. I’m currently at Ideaflow to build tools that amplify our collective creativity.

I’m on my second leave from UC Berkeley, where I studied rhetoric and computer science. I play piano and guitar, draw sometimes, and like to travel. Each year, I set ten goals for myself. You can read my goals for 2021 here.

Get in touch

I’m most active on Twitter and GitHub. There and elsewhere on the Web, I’m almost always @thesephist. The best way to contact me is either through Twitter, or my email at my first name @ thesephist.com – my DMs and inbox are always open.

Past work

Keyboard shortcut system and Git version control integration, software engineering intern.

Cal Hacks
Director for 2018 and 2019 events, and leading the Fellowship accelerator program in partnership with the UC Berkeley campus venture ecosystem.

Building a browser extension to augment the web with a personalized knowledge graph, software engineer.

Frontend infrastructure, performance, and developer tools as a high school intern, then a full-time engineer.

Hack Club
Product lead and engineer for Hack Club Bank and other community initiatives including a partnership with Major League Hacking.

The Anvil
Helping run the Boiler startup accelerator and other events on Purdue University campus.


In my constant and chaotic experiments in life, I’m forever grateful to many people too numerous to name. In particular, I’m thankful for Sameer and Sahil, my spiritual partners for Purdue entrepreneurship; Van, a constant creative inspiration; Tanthai, my afternoon amigo and midnight motivation; Deevy, my partner in crime for much of Cal Hacks; Zach Latta, a walking embodiment of the power of good storytelling; Brian Fultz, who opened my first doors into tech, way back in 2016; Ben Brame, who was my first boss and mentor; and my family who, as in the classic American story, immigrated to the US in 2009 for my future.

I wouldn’t be very much of who I am today without them.