Hi, I’m Linus

…and I build infrastructure for the next generation of makers.

In the last twenty years, tech has completely reshaped how we learn and come together into communities. It’s now possible for every young person to code, speak, and build their way to ensuring the future they’ll be left with is one that inspires us. But today’s world isn’t structured to work for this incredible new generation of makers, leaving a gap between what the rest of the world expects from them, and what they’re capable of creating.

My life’s work is to make sure that, as soon as possible, we can trim that last sentence off of this website.

What I’m up to

I’m currently on an academic leave from UC Berkeley, to travel more and think about student maker communities, and how we can build them up stronger for more people. I’m playing piano as I have time, and trying to find more time to write as well.

Each year, I set ten goals for myself. You can read about my 2020 goals here.

Let’s talk!

I’m in lots of places, almost always as @thesephist. The best way to contact me is either through my Twitter below, or through email at my first name @ thesephist.com.

If you’re feeling especially generous, you can also buy me a book from my reading list, through read.gift. You can find me at /u/thesephist.

What I’ve done before

I don’t really have a portfolio handy, but you can check out an informal, comprehensive list of my personal projects going back to 2013 on my archive of projects, with topics ranging from theoretical physics to music and design to writing, linguistics, software, startups, poetry, and teaching.

Through the 2019-20 academic year, I led the Hack Club Bank team at Hack Club, where we worked on building the best tools in the world for students to reify their most ambitious ideas, by getting rid of all the excuses – from taking care of finances and paperwork, to hosting a community of other crazy ambitious, creative, welcoming students doing the same. You can read my thoughts and vision for Hack Club and Bank from that time in this post.

During the summer of 2019, I joined Repl.it as a software engineering intern, working on user interfaces and JavaScript infrastructure for one of the best places online to learn and experiment with programming. I worked on adding a cohesive keyboard shortcut system and a fully featured Git integration and version control feature into the IDE.

I was an Investment Partner on Dorm Room Fund’s San Francisco team, connecting the best student startups in the Bay Area with fellow founders, investors, mentors, and seed funding.

At UC Berkeley, I was a Director at Cal Hacks, UC Berkeley’s hackathon and the largest collegiate hackathon in the world with over 2000 students and companies in attendance every year. I also lead the Cal Hacks Fellowship program, a 12-week idea accelerator for teams and projects from Cal Hacks in partnership with VCs and entrepreneurship organizations in the city.

Before my time at Berkeley, I was also a member of The Anvil’s executive team at Purdue University, helping run The Boiler startup accelerator and other events around student entrepreneurship on Purdue campus.

Between high school and undergrad, I worked as a software engineer at Spensa Technologies, an Indiana startup in precision agriculture acquired in 2018 by DTN, first as an intern then a full-time engineer. I worked on web / UI, performance, developer tools, and frontend infrastructure.

I also served on the course staff at UC Berkeley’s React DeCal and Web Design DeCal, two student-run courses on Berkeley campus about the art and know-how of web design and development, covering the fundamentals of building engaging and maintainable interfaces on the web.

I also served as the sole developer and graphic designer for TEDxPurdueU, a small team that organizes TEDx licensed events on Purdue University campus year-round.

If you’ve read this far, we should chat! My DMs and inbox are always open.