Jan '20 Time spent thinking deeply is not wasted time

Jan '20 Twenty-twenty

Oct '19 Where Cal founders come from

Aug '19 Things I'm learning about in sales

Aug '19 Thank you, Hello Hack Club

Jul '19 How I side project

Jun '19 What to do if you’re a high schooler interested in a career in software

Feb '19 Newsletters and blogs I'm reading

Feb '19 Where, what, and why -- what creates powerful communities?

Dec '18 Winning the race

Dec '18 A computer for the rest of us

Dec '18 My goals for 2019

Dec '18 How to grow a budding startup community

Nov '18 Hustling efficiently

Aug '18 The Diversification Point, or what comes after Moore’s Law

May '18 Learning from the deep end

May '18 The alphabet of pixels

Apr '18 Saying no to almost everything is the most important skill I was never taught

Mar '18 Five things high school didn’t teach me about writing

Feb '18 Big problems aren’t better than small problems

Feb '18 What are you the average of?

Nov '17 What's more important than STEM?

Nov '17 Starting a company is the most educational thing I’ve done

Oct '17 Do work that you are proud of

Oct '17 What ignited the fuel

Oct '17 5 ways that gap years will ruin your life

Sep '17 Lessons from Google I/O and SPAN: getting more out of industry events

Sep '17 Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Aug '17 In praise of the analog world

Aug '17 I flew a plane!

Jul '17 The cost of a polarizing choice

Jun '17 Two ways to become better

Apr '17 Purdue has more entrepreneurs

Apr '17 My information diet

Apr '17 When failure is success

Mar '17 Stay hungry

Mar '17 Some small lessons from accidentally doing citations for 16,000 people

Jan '17 Finding passion

Dec '16 My goals for 2017

Dec '16 How to buy what you can't buy

Dec '16 What makes you

Nov '16 What are YOU doing?

Nov '16 What's left

Nov '16 The value of the Gap

Oct '16 Fear of being normal

Oct '16 The art of living

Oct '16 Lost in translation

Sep '16 Design is not art

Sep '16 Please forget my age

Sep '16 Because you care

Aug '16 Why Cafe Avant-Garde would never be a school club

Aug '16 Terminal impact

Jul '16 Three words

Jul '16 On natural talent

Jul '16 A broken stereotype

Jun '16 No more newsroom

May '16 Chasing time

May '16 On powerlessness

May '16 Connect the dots

Apr '16 Micro-UX's

Apr '16 The Maker's High

Apr '16 World 3

Apr '16 Lemon juice

Apr '16 Grade Point Identity

Apr '16 Banning books into silence

Jan '16 A look back

Dec '15 Elixir of mortality

Dec '15 Taking a break

Oct '15 Intoxication by ideation

Oct '15 Taste fights excellence

Oct '15 Holding gaze

Sep '15 Run away

Sep '15 Why I don't like school

Sep '15 The democratization revolution

Sep '15 Make

Sep '15 Usain Bolt's creativity

Sep '15 Splitting time

Sep '15 Not quite

Aug '15 Rebellious clocks

Aug '15 The consumption culture

Aug '15 The battle of choice

Aug '15 Achievement factory

Aug '15 The asking economy

Aug '15 The Facebook birthday effect

Aug '15 Internet 2.0

Aug '15 Once upon a time

Jul '15 The gap

Jul '15 The filter of authenticity

Jul '15 Counting to 100

Jul '15 The blind spot

Jul '15 Fixed in time

Jul '15 An open letter to you, a human

Jul '15 The finish line

Jun '15 Double reality

Jun '15 Beautiful strangers

Jun '15 Falling upwards

Jun '15 Without reason

Jun '15 Dieting and education

Jun '15 The paradox of Vegas

Jun '15 Loyal dreams

Jun '15 Missing out

Jun '15 The price of speech

May '15 Means of communication

May '15 The new privacy

May '15 The rights to become

May '15 Victims of circumstance

May '15 In the name of progress

May '15 The artist's motivation

May '15 The miracle of trust

May '15 The eternal podcast

May '15 You are alone

Apr '15 The real war

Apr '15 All arts, created equal

Apr '15 Change without change

Apr '15 The blip: chasing down social justice

Apr '15 History on repeat

Apr '15 Fences of transparency

Apr '15 The future streams

Mar '15 The speed of innovation

Mar '15 Behind invisible bars

Mar '15 Failure to fail

Mar '15 The reflection bias

Mar '15 Re-wiring the wheel

Mar '15 Making the maker

Mar '15 Living biographies

Mar '15 The Jabberwocky mentality

Feb '15 A tale of two stories

Feb '15 The infinite staircase

Feb '15 The Truman Reality

Feb '15 Heads up

Feb '15 The Union

Feb '15 Resolved: debate is like Silicon Valley

Feb '15 The rights to ... technology?

Feb '15 The room for everyone

Jan '15 In vivo silico

Jan '15 The topic of debate

Jan '15 The invisible eyes

Jan '15 Broadcast yourself

Jan '15 Schooling standstill

Jan '15 We are the Capitol

Jan '15 Facing forward

Jan '15 The monologue

Jan '15 A page turn

Dec '14 Thoughts for 2014

Dec '14 The blurred lines of intelligence

Dec '14 The hashtag poets

Dec '14 Code, the new second language

Dec '14 The discrimi-nation's looking glass

Dec '14 The global amnesia

Dec '14 The formality paradox

Dec '14 Your own Santa Claus

Dec '14 The paradox of online dating

Nov '14 Ferguson and the blind virtue

Nov '14 The open-sourced future

Nov '14 The ads and the tip jar

Nov '14 Banning books from the Internet shelves

Nov '14 Why aren't you doing it?

Nov '14 The case on equality

Nov '14 The evolution of communication

Oct '14 Dieting and education

Oct '14 Nothing fits in cages!

Oct '14 Dear idle critics of popular culture

Oct '14 Who grants us the rights?

Oct '14 Learning in the i-generation

Oct '14 Time-saving tips for the connected

Oct '14 Shifting directions...

Oct '14 A new UI for social change

Oct '14 Changing rules of the Olympics

Sep '14 Digital privacy: more than hacking Facebook

Sep '14 Is there good art?

Sep '14 The hidden colors

Sep '14 The binary enlightenment

Sep '14 Are numbers real?

Sep '14 Heisenberg, quarantines, and the benefit of risks

Aug '14 Not about the milestones

Aug '14 The human factor

Aug '14 How to make your ideas real

Aug '14 Here's to the Crazy Ones

Aug '14 Living in the future

Aug '14 Teach yourself: 10 tips on how to un-school

Aug '14 Meaning, not definition

Aug '14 Complicated itineraries

Jul '14 Connections and walls