My projects include artifacts of independent research, original music, programming languages and UI frameworks, web apps, artwork, writing, software libraries, and a small set of personal tools for thinking.

I started collecting my projects here in 2014, when I learned to code by building a website for myself.


A hand-picked selection of projects I’m most proud of. Some are here for technical merit, and others for impact or popularity.


A research prototype demonstrating new ways to visualize and edit text documents by directly manipulating concepts in the latent space of a language model – video demo


A dynamically typed functional programming language inspired by JavaScript, with implementations in Go, Rust, and itself, used by many of my core productivity tools and experiments – blog post & language overview


A pragmatic, dynamic programming language designed for building my personal software tools and side projects, with lessons learned from my experience developing and using Ink and featuring a broad standard library and robust first-party tooling – language intro


Personal search engine written in Ink, querying across tens of thousands of documents from my blog posts, journal entries, notes, bookmarks, Tweets, contacts, and more to act as an extended memory spanning my entire life – blog post


Personal productivity suite written in Ink and Torus, including a CRM, task manager, file syncing utility, notes app, and more, collectively underpinning my core workflows – blog post


Small event-driven model-view UI framework for the Web, focused on being simple, efficient, and free of dependencies, used by most of my web projects


A Twitter reader and client designed around my workflows for learning from the Twittersphere, built with Ink and Torus – blog post


Markdown writing app on the Web and my full-time blog-writing app, built with pure Ink on top of Torus

Timeglass & Memory Palace

Original albums of New Age style improvisations on the piano – blog post & also available on Spotify.


Interactive writing environment for computational ideas and literate programming, built on Ink and Klisp on the backend and Torus on the frontend – blog post

A Reddit reader that looks like the front page of The New York Times, built with Torus, visited by over 200k and counting – blog post

A second blog for my more creative work, including covers and original music, artwork, creative writing, and shorter mini-blogs on various topics


The fastest, easiest way to build and deploy quick static webpages, in a lightweight, fast online editor; built with Torus and blocks.css


A lightweight CSS library to add a dimension to core UI web elements, used in many of my projects as a design base

A fake lyrics generator for pop artists based on Markov chain Monte-Carlo simulations, built on, 800k hits and counting – press coverage

Sounds from Places

A collection of environmental and atmospheric sounds collected around the world in my travels, from Indiana to Iceland to New York City


A minimal but Turing-complete programming language inspired by clickbait headlines, with an interpreter written in JavaScript

Lin’tlil & Lin’tlik

A new kind of language and writing system founded on the concepts of relational semantics and the absence of verbs

Apogee Citation Maker (sold ‘17)

Automatic MLA / APA citation generator from website metadata, Chrome extension with over 130k peak weekly users and a 4.5 star rating


These projects have launched and are in active use, whether that means deployed in production, available to download, or ready for new users. This is the best record of what kind of projects I’m working on today.


A personal semantic search engine capable of surfacing relevant bookmarks, journal entries, notes, blogs, contacts, and more as I browse the web, or for a given topic of choice. Built on an efficient document embedding-based algorithm for natural language classification, and the search index from my Monocle search engine.

This AI Does Not Exist

A website that generates realistic descriptions and code samples of made-up machine learning models from just a name

YC Vibe Check

Semantic search across Y Combinator’s entire portfolio, letting me search for companies who have explored any given problem space or startup idea, or find companies that are similar to a given company


Simple, flexible, productive static site generator written in Ink and built on Merlot’s Markdown engine


Personal contacts manager, built for my workflow. A place for notes, but for the people I keep in touch with, built with Torus – blog post


Personal, read-only public availability calendar, to reduce the back-and-forth in scheduling one-on-one meetings

Ink codebase browser, “Kin”

A refined tool for exploring open-source projects on GitHub with a file tree, rich Markdown and image previews, multi-pane multi-tab layouts and first-class support for Ink syntax highlighting.


Minimal mailing list manager for static sites, with a simple JSON API, UI with paper.css


Simple full-text search library for JavaScript that runs fast without an index, used pervasively across my projects like YC Vibe Check and


CLI written in Oak for quickly viewing all work-in-progress changes in a workspace of Git repositories; it runs and summarizes git status + diff for every repo in a folder


Lightweight notepad for ephemeral memos, todos, meeting notes, and more, built with Torus


Ink to JavaScript compiler, written entirely in Ink itself and self-hosting on Node.js and the Web

Oak Notebook

An experimental tool for writing dynamic documents using Markdown and Oak that embed interactive explorable visualizations


An experimental runtime for Ink written in Rust, featuring a bytecode compiler and VM, and focused on performance and instrumentation

Ink playground, “Maverick”

A simple web IDE and REPL for the Ink programming language, written in pure Ink and built on the self-hosted September compiler toolchain running entirely in the browser


Path tracing 3D renderer written in Ink, supports reflective and dielectric materials, focus blur


JavaScript and HTML Canvas port of Traceur, a path tracing renderer initially written in Ink

The stream

A micro-blog for personal project updates and snippets of thought, displayed in a searchable timeline format reminiscent of Twitter; written in Oak from the ground up


An S-expression based LISP written in Ink with a minimal ~200 line core and a small standard library


A simple to-do list app for personal use, built with Oak, Torus, and libsearch over a weekend


A note-taking tool based on the principles of incremental note-taking, written in Ink for quickly capturing fleeting ideas and growing a knowledge base over time – blog post


An implementation of the ELIZA chat bot from the 1960’s MIT paper, written in Ink code that can run in the command-line and the browser


An educational assembler written from scratch in Ink, supporting 64-bit x86 ELF executables to start with more under development


Self-hosting, tokenizing code formatter for the Ink programming language

Tiny humans

An interactive sandbox for drawing with little tiny stick figures milling around in a little paper world, powered by an original algorithm written in Oak


2D Canvas-based generative animation of little stylized birds jumping around, written in Oak


Command-line tool for scaffolding out new programming projects using my personal repository layouts, written in Oak


Command-line utility to run one (batch) command on many files using a simple command template syntax, written in Oak


Concatenative stack programming language and interpreter modeled after the Factor language, written in Oak as a learning project


A minimalistic gallery of generative art pieces written in Ink, compiled for the Web with the September compiler


Visual Studio Code editor extension to add support for the Ink programming language, including syntax highlighting

Oak syntax visualizer

An interactive CLI and GUI visualizer for token streams and syntax trees of Oak programs, made for my GopherCon 2021 talk on building a toy programming language.


A collection of tools for generating heatmaps and data visualizations from Safari’s browser history data


An Ink library for automatic text summarization, using an extractive summarization algorithm built on a custom tokenizer from the Monocle project

The email service for when just “” isn’t enough


Flexible functional programming language with a tiny extensible core, inspired by Lisp and CSP


Generates fake blog posts from my blog based on a Markov chain, with Torus + paper.css UI

I Hope You Find It

Original song, written by me and performance by me on acoustic guitar, piano, vocals

A simple online game for guessing Taylor Swift songs based on snippets of lyrics, built with Torus and blocks.css


Typography + Instagram, simple web app to create beautiful minimalistic graphics that focus on a short snippet of text to share on the Web


CLI tool to generate beautiful literate programming-style description of your code from comment annotations


Minimalistic real-time collaborative whiteboard on the Web with WebSockets, Torus, blocks.css


Generate music from lines of source code, built on Torus, paper.css, and the Web Audio API


Ink program to generate “codelines”: like silhouette outlines, but for source code


Lightweight CSS library with a paper aesthetic, spiritual successor to blocks.css used in my projects

The untyped lambda calculus, with Church numerals and Y and Z combinators, implemented in Ink


Imperative animation API for declarative UI renderers, like React, Preact, and Torus


Blog and website dedicated to the Ink programming language and my technical writing


A minimal blog and website theme for Hugo with a focus on tasteful design, responsiveness, and flexibility

A searchable repository of my personal notes from past readings, events, videos, talks around topics in startup, business, community, life

Yolo Page

An experiment in making a crowdsourced, crowd-built webpage on GitHub with open contributions from my communities


A browser extension to close Zoom meeting tabs automatically after they’ve opened Zoom, 400 weekly active users and counting


A web app to quickly generate social sharing metadata tags for new side projects hosted on the Web, built with Torus and blocks.css on


A port of Klisp, a Lisp originally written in Ink, to pure Go


Small library of useful iterator-related utility functions for JavaScript

Torus HN Reader

Hacker News reader web app optimized for performance, built with Torus and Looking Glass

Small, lightweight real-time chat server on the Web with WebSockets and Go

An online, public “blog-shelf” for collecting and sharing interesting reads with your audience


Global virtual hackathon that brought high school and university students together to build projects for relief against the COVID-19 pandemic

Looking Glass

A simple web screenshot generator service, backed by Chromium’s Puppeteer API


A fast, minimal web-based 2D graphing calculator, built with Torus as a technical demo for the framework

Game of Life

Conway’s Game of Life simulator in JavaScript, built with Torus on HTML canvas

Markus Writer

A fast live HTML renderer for a custom flavor of Markdown, built with Torus


A board for text notes in the browser, movable and scalable anywhere you want on the screen

Torus Gravity

An approximate many-body simulation of Newtonian gravity built with Torus on HTML canvas

Blocky logos

An exploratory creative art project distilling some common Western brands and logos into rectangles


CLI and CI/CD tool to check availability of specific routes in a web application


Zero-configuration, read-only JSON API proxy in front of an Airtable base


Bot for the Hack Club Slack community that integrates with Hack Club Bank to provide statistics and updates


A lightweight JavaScript library for arithmetic with rational numbers with a novel API based on tagged template literals


A auto-suggest sentence generator based on simple Markov chains from source texts


A quick, simple server-side-includes expander to transform SSI’d sites into static files

A personal URL shortener / note sharing service backed by a filesystem-based database

Mondrian Generator

Piet Mondrian-style painting generator in JavaScript built with Torus


Small, static-site for hosting read-optimized content, like stories or e-books


These projects have launched, and are now sun-set either because I didn’t have time to maintain them, or because I wanted to move onto other projects. Many, but not all, of them are still usable.

The Lifelong Traveler

Linus’s previous website and home online: blog, website, portfolio

Cafe Avant-Garde

Community editorial online magazine: a group of individuals with words to be written and voices to be heard


My main work/personal notes application and my first web app, using Backbone.js, Node, and MySQL


A long-running social network simulation project to look for self-organizing government in complex social networks


Web app to help students easily find study buddies from their classmates taking the same courses


Simple social network evolution simulation in Ruby

The Anvil Blog

The Anvil’s blog on entrepreneurship, startups, and technology

DataChain Capital

Website / design: cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund and financial consultancy

Vanilla Yeoman Boilerplate

A lightweight project starter boilerplate

Extension Yeoman Boilerplate

A lightweight chrome extension boilerplate based on Mute! extension

Backbone Yeoman Boilerplate

A lightweight single-page app starter boilerplate based on Backbone


JavaScript bookmarklet for changing every image on a webpage to pictures of kittens, courtesy of


An attempt at real-time mapping my happiness level across long periods of time to find trends in my happiness levels over time

Day Clock

A beautiful, minimalist clock web application with the color of the skies and the time of the day in full screen, analog glory


A simple NodeJS- and BackboneJS-powered key-value short note storage that looks pretty cool


Time is our most important asset. How much of it do you have? - A Visualization


A Chrome extension to prevent autoplay videos from playing or making sound


A small, lightweight web application for taking survey data in TEDxPurdueU events at the door

Magic Search

Browser extension: enhances Google Search’s UI/UX to make it faster, easier to use, and far more extensible / efficient


Effortlessly take YouTube videos in and out of auto-rewind/replay loops

CoderDojo Attendance App

Attendance-tracking app for regular events, originally built for Lafayette CoderDojo


Minimal command-line tool to check if a username is available on Twitter

YTReplay & YTFixer

Useful bits of code for manipulating YouTube to work better, like repeats and player affixers


Simple web application for parsing and calculating quarter / final grades in WLCSC schools (that’s mine)


An NPM module that hashes any valid JavaScript data into a reasonably unique color


A simple poetry recommendation engine, a predecessor to PoetryMe


JavaScript and HTML5 markup-based in-browser presentation authoring framework


Symmetric-key encryption scheme that dynamically generate the algorithm from the key – whitepaper & demo


TEDxPurdueU’s website for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons

Trubadour Landing Page

Building a new way to read, discover, and share poetry: Trubadour

Bash Notepad

Simple system-wide notepad for Bash (shell) users on UNIX systems, vim/emacs/nano/atom and bash only dependencies


A small, HTML5 quiz single-page application

The Insult Machine

It’s an insult machine, just like your face

Daily Quote Greeter

Uses a Quote of the Day API to make a new terminal login prompt as the day’s quote and refresh the GNOME desktop background


Make raw HTML pages online not look like trash

Rail Runner

A simple DOM-based HTML5 game I wrote when I was a sophomore, one of my first programming projects

Java Image Filters

A set of simple but conceptually interesting applications written in Java for instructional / tutoring purposes


These projects are currently in active development. They can be considered pre-alpha or alpha-stage in development, will have tons of bugs or errors, or may not be fully executed at all. A lot of these projects are just napkin-drawing ideas I had in the shower, where I’ve sketched out some ideas and notes.

Atypical Press

An experimental magazine about people and communities building a more creative, more inspiring, more just future


Scriptable, modal terminal text editor with the best of Vim and Emacs, written in Go


A gesture- and nonverbal-communication-based HCI experiment and exoskeleton

Zero to Code

The best place on the Web to learn to make stuff with code, a free-forever introductory web development course for everyone

Synaptic 2

Event-driven simulation of a self-organizing learning neural network


A pair of interface experiments that explore nonlinear reading, where the reader first scans for key ideas then dives deeper into the most interesting sections


These projects were started and worked on for anywhere from weeks to years, but ultimately were never seen to completion or release, for one reason or another. Still, they serve as a good background for what kinds of ideas interest me.


A text-based game exploring the bounds of consciousness and metaphysics


An exploration of mathematical modeling, analyzing movement of crowds through an area


Great poems, algorithmically recommended and delivered to your inbox (with founder Rebecca Roach)


An AI-based personal assistant taking proactive action and responding to voice actions. Think Jarvis, except IRL.


A novel-in-progress about humanity, intelligence, vulnerability, and mortality