My name is Linus.

My research investigates the future of knowledge representation and creative work aided by machine understanding of language. I prototype software interfaces that help us become clearer thinkers and more prolific dreamers.

I’m also interested in what comes after today’s language and writing systems, and what learning, creating, and collaborating may look like in the long future of humanity. The aim of my research is to build interfaces and knowledge tools that expand the domain of thoughts we can think and qualia we can feel.

I’ve been writing online since 2014 – this blog is home to a half million words I’ve written about software research, creative work, community, and the life I live in between.

Over the years, I’ve built well over 100 side projects, from programming languages and compilers to 3D renderers, interactive learning environments, UI libraries, and a suite of personal productivity tools I depend on every day.

Elsewhere on the web, I also write more technical posts on software and some short fiction and other literary vignettes. Outside work, I play the piano and guitar – you can find my music on Spotify and at I also dabble in digital art. I grew up in Korea and Indiana, went to school in Berkeley, and currently live in New York City.

I’m currently researching and prototyping applications of AI in collaboration and knowledge tools at Notion. Previously, I was a Researcher in Residence at Betaworks, and before that a software engineer at Replit, Hack Club, and Spensa.


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Get in touch

I’m most active on Twitter and GitHub as @thesephist. The best way to contact me is either through Twitter, or my email at my first name @